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• Expose the Hindu basis of Transcendental Meditation (TM).
• Shut down the teaching of TM in public schools, which was ruled a First Amendment Violation.
• Prevent the use of TM as a clinical treatment for PTSD in the military and veterans.
• Promote and train school personnel and clinicians in an effective secular meditation as an alternative to TM. 

Last year, the David Lynch Foundation raised $16 million to promote teaching Transcendental Meditation in public schools, and as a treatment for veterans suffering from PTSD. However, TM is a Hindu-based practice masquerading as a secular method of relaxation and stress relief. TM students are assigned “mantras” which are the names of Hindu gods. Learning TM requires participating in a Hindu worship service that is the very definition of idolatry. Many public schools are either unaware or ignore that TM has been ruled a religious practice by US courts. Help us keep religious practice out of public institutions!

Thank you for partnering with us to protect from stealth religious practices that pretend they are secular.